The Liminal Heart signup sheet

PLEASE READ: Volunteer Usher Expectations

Volunteer ushers play an important role in putting on Theatre and Dance Department productions and we are grateful for your time and effort. You will receive free admission to the performance for which you volunteer.

If you choose to sign up for a volunteer usher shift, you agree to the following:

Wearing a mask and maintaining six-feet of physical distance from staff, performers, and patrons.
Arrive promptly thirty minutes before the curtain time, ready for training and to assist with pre-show duties, including preparing the theatre.
Follow House Manager’s instructions and be a courteous, professional, helpful, and welcoming presence for our patrons.
Assist the House Manager to ensure the safety of our patrons in case of an emergency, and be ready to share and enforce Theatre and Dance policies with our patrons.
Stay after the performance for approximately 15 minutes to help clean the venue and check in with the house manager.
By signing up for an usher position, you are are fully committing to the time and date of that performance. Please check in with the house manager at the venue. If you begin feeling ill, realize you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive COVID-19, or encounter an emergency that renders you unable to attend, please email

People aged 18-22 ARE still allowed to usher this event! However, we still need to abide by the stay-at-home order for specific residences:

1120 10th St.
1125 10th St.
1111 College Ave.
1150 College Ave.
1200 College Ave., #224
1350 College Ave., #302
1350 College Ave., #306
1100 Pennsylvania Ave.
1715 Aurora Ave.
1511 Broadway
1111 College Ave.
1205 College Ave.
1019 14th St.
1080 14th St.

Thank you for helping out the Department of Theatre and Dance!
1131 University Ave.
1045 14th St.
1043 Pleasant St.
1005 Broadway
1146 12th St.
911 17th St.
1162 12th St.
1058 13th St.
1015 15th St.
1011 16th St.
1025 15th St.
1128 Pennsylvania Ave.
935 16th St.
1333 University Ave.
1134 University Ave.
890 11th St.
1002 University Ave.
1122 12th St.
1441 Broadway
1127 Broadway
1029 Broadway
1012 12th St.
1114 12th St.
1044 13th St.

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

October 1, 5:00pm-arrive at 4:30 [Columbia Cemetery]
October 2, 5:00pm-arrive at 4:30 [Columbia Cemetery]
Attiyya, Amelie, Claire,
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