Raptor Education Center Community Work Parties signup sheet

Join Houston Audubon at the Raptor and Education Center for a morning of gardening and sanctuary maintenance. We work 8 AM – 12 PM, once a month on the 2nd Saturday, September through May. Activities include trail maintenance, filling bird feeders and baths, litter pick-up, native gardening, and invasive species removal. In order to keep our volunteers as safe as possible in light of the COVID pandemic, we are limiting the number of signups for each work party to 8 participants, all activities will take place outdoors, and volunteers will not work in close proximity to other volunteers unless they are from the same household. We also ask that volunteer be responsible for all of their own supplies: bring ice water, a face mask (to wear when interacting with staff), hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug repellent & a pair of work gloves. Wear closed-toe shoes & long pants. Bring sack lunch or snacks if desired. Children of any age are welcome with their parent/chaperone. (Minimum age without a parent/chaperone is 14 years.) There is a maximum number of 8 participants at a workday.

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What and when
September Work Party
September 12th, 8am - noon
Show 8 names Jessie M., Michael E., Madeline H., Stephanie V., Deanna M., Jaimie K., Neemisha M., Colleen H.,
October Work Party
October 10th, 8am - noon
Michael, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Thomas, Zachary, Colleen, Felix,
November Work Party
November 14th, 8am - noon
Show 10 names Michael E., Elizabeth E., Anthony D (Tony) B., Lisa P., Lisa P., Deanna M., Mayra C., Enrique T., Lillian K., Ethan K.,
December Work Party
December 12th, 8am - noon
Show 10 names Michael E., Nancy Z., Jonathan B., Richard B., Mary B., Greg P., Linda P., Marisa C., Marc P., Charris P.,
January Work Party
January 9th, 8am - noon
Danielle, Daniel, Claire, Carol, Marc, Laxmi, Marisa, Shreya, Felix,
February Work Party - rescheduled due to weather
February 20th, 8am - noon
Gopal, Krishna, Sarat, Charris, Mike, Guha, Marc,
March Work Party
March 13th, 8am - noon
Guha, Marisa, Ishanna, Rosila, Robert, Emily, Ethan, Ashley, Felix,
April Work Party
April 10th, 8am - noon
Rosa, Ishanna, Rosila, Emily, Guha, Imelda, Felix,
May Work Party
May 8th, 8am - noon
Show 10 names Robert F., Robert F., Emily N., Guha M., Charris P., Imelda W., Felix I., Tony B., Dhruv V., Ruby C.,
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