Rainbow Flags June 26 & 27 2021 signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Bring all the colors of the rainbow to California Avenue during Seattle Pride week. Opportunities for volunteers who enjoy showing LOVE FOR ALL. The goal - adopt all 60 rainbow flags! Neat handwriting volunteers - you can opt to take home the mini flags to write on at home too, it's super socially distanced. Saturday and Sunday, help put up and remove the rainbows each day. It's a fun event all around and supporting LGBTQ. You'll receive your own mini flag you can attach to the Junction flag on California Ave!

Show volunteers

What and when
Distribute posters and handbills
Flexible through May
Laura, Bill,
Hand write messages on 4" x 6" flags at home
Flexible through June
Kalviny, Keith,
Saturday day of flag installation
June 26th 8am to 10am
Kalviny, Keri, Mesha, Courtney,
Saturday overnight removal and storage Cupcake Royale
June 26th 8pm to 9pm
Georgia, Alex, Monica, Tracy,
Sunday morning reinstall
June 27th 8am to 9am
Kalviny, Rachel, Rachel, Jim,
Sunday day of flag removal
June 27th 7pm to 8pm
Amanda, Keith, Bill, Christine,
Monday clean up and rolling of flags plus mailing of small flags
June 28th 12 Noon to 3pm
Lauren, Lauren,
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