2023 Great Tomato Festival signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

We are preparing for the 34th annual Great Tomato Festival and need your help!
Please join us on Tuesday, August 8th and/or Wednesday, August 9th for daytime food prep or the evening of Aug. 9th to help at the event.

The work is simple yet requires the hands of many. Sign up with a friend for even more fun! Food prep includes scooping and stuffing tomatoes, cutting cucumbers and shallots, as well as appetizer prep. Food prep can be done while seated. Aprons will be provided. Event workers will be standing or on their feet for the most part and business casual dress and comfortable shoes are encouraged.

Please arrive at the ND State Fair Center 4-H Hall for your scheduled shift. All workers are asked to have hair tied up off your neck (in a pony tail etc.). A reminder email with more details will be sent about a week prior to your shift.

If you have any questions before then, please call Ellen at 701-858-4228.
Thank you for supporting the 34th Annual Great Tomato Festival Fundraiser benefitting the Taube Museum of Art and your Minot Symphony Orchestra.

Show volunteers

What and when
Tues. Aug. 8th - Morning Food Prep
Tuesday 9-12
Katie F., Jenny P., Caitlin H., Gladys L., Sadie K., Pat B., Susan G., Brenda B., Tim B., Anna Marie S., Craig E., Paulette D., Jennifer L., Jeri L., David L.,
Tues. Aug. 8th - Afternoon Food Prep
Tuesday 12:30-4
Kathy E., Teresa B., Sandy R., Kimberlee L., Dusty Z., Ashley B., Gladys L., Jane H., Gloria L., Richard L., Becky E., Geneal R.,
Tues. Aug. 8th - Venue Prep (setting tables etc.)
Tuesday 2-5pm
BRENDA R., Ashlie D., Sharon G., Sharon J., Burdick J.,
Wed. Aug. 9th - Morning Food Prep
Wednesday 9-12
Pam J., Kami E., Gladys L., Leanne S., Pat S., Colleen S., JESSICA P., Dawndi K., Heidy D., Lindsey S., Kate C., Ellen K., Kim B., Nadine B., Becky E., Mary Lou M., Paulette D., Calli N.,
Wed. Aug. 9th - Afternoon Food Prep
Wednesday 12:30-4:30
Pam H., Gladys L., Pam O., Kelli H.,
Wed. Aug. 9th - Event Venue Prep (fill salsa, brownies & appetizers)
Wednesday 5-8pm
Renae W., Scott B., Kim B., Jerry K., Ashlie D., Phyllis B.,
Wed. Aug. 9th - Event Crew serving, etc. (duties vary serving/running food etc.)
Wednesday 6:45 - 9pm
Sharon R., Sharon R., Sharon R., Zeb W., steve p., susan p., Renae W., Mike H., Ginney J., Tonia V., Cimberly B., Dawn A., Teresa L., Tim B., Phyllis B., Emerson E., Abby E., Tammy R., Jeff R., Avis V., Cheryl C., Don L., Nadine H., Michael H., Mikayla H., Jennifer L., Penny L.,
Wed. Aug. 9th - Event Clean-up
Wednesday 8-10pm
Renae W., Pam J., Kami E., Kenzie V., Mike H., Ashlie D., Tim B.,
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