Coon Rapids OA/HOW Meeting September 18, 2021 8:45 AM signup sheet

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Meeting Manager Chuck S.
Meeting Leader Alyson H.
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Reading - What is HOW? Sign up
Reading - The Only Requirement Chuck S.
Reading - The HOW Concept Sign up
Reading - Reflections for the Newcomer Sign up
Reading - Excerpt From Step 2 of the 12 & 12 Sign up
Reading - Excerpt From Chapter 5 How it Works Sign up
Reading - The Twelve Steps Sign up
Reading - The Twelve Traditions Sign up
Tool - Plan of Eating (HOW Sponsor) Sign up
Tool - Sponsorship (HOW Sponsor) Sign up
Tool - Anonymity (HOW Sponsor) Sign up
Tool - Telephone Calls (HOW Sponsor) Sign up
Tool - Meetings (HOW Sponsor) Alyson H.
Tool - Literature and Writing (HOW Sponsor) Sign up
Tool - Service (HOW Sponsor) Sign up
Reading - Just for Today Sign up