American Flags July 4th 2022 signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Show your patriotic pride by placing the Stars and Stripes in the Junction! Each flag is 3' x 5' that is complete with 12 ft poles in three sections. You'll be placing the flags on California Ave in the 60 holes drilled in the sidewalk. and be directed by a Veteran named Tom Bucy.

Show volunteers

What and when
July 4th day of flag installation - meet at Cupcake Royal
Monday, July 4th 9-10 AM
Show 12 names Tavin S., Sharon E., Larry E., Keith H., Katie B., Deb B., Gina T., Robert P., Sharon P., Dorothy D., Noah L., Matthew G.,
July 4th day of flag removal - meet at Cupcake Royal
Monday, July 4th 4-5 PM
Keith H., Pat S., Katie B., Deb B., Sheila M., Matthew G., SCOTT B., Nate B., Martin T.,
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