SAPVAC requires the Painters Guild to help run the W.A.R.E.S. Store by volunteering 3 months of the year (October, February and June) on Thursdays from Noon-3:30pm. It is expected that if you show in W.A.R.E.S. that you give back by volunteering for at least one shift. However other volunteers are needed please help out by giving back to the organization. Below is the Description of the volunteer position:


-Sign out the key for Shop W.A.R.E.S. in Community Services and keep it with you until the end of your shift just in case you have to go to the bathroom.
-If there are problems with the Elavon Machine we are out of luck – we can then only take cash or cheque. ATM machine end of the hall. For any other problems call Deirdre at 780-458-3345

Welcome Customers:
Be welcoming and engaging to our visitors and patrons when they arrive.
-Ask them if this is their first time in the Shop?
-Is there something that you are looking for?
-We also have more information on some of the artists with our new Bio Postcards.
-We may have other product in the drawers that they can look at.
-How did you hear about the Shop W.A.R.E.S.?
-Artwork is created by members of all the Guilds that operate here in St. Albert Place.
-Just so you know our Facebook Page and Website has updates and photos of new work on an ongoing basis
Help bring their items to the front counter (there is a ladder behind the door to help you get items that are out of reach)

Follow Sales Procedures
Thank our visitors and patrons for coming and invite them to come again.
If you need to go to the bathroom there is a “Back in 5 Minutes” sign that you can stick to the door frame (Do not tape to the door). Take the key with you to let yourself back in.
There is NO receiving or removal of product on Thursdays – only Fridays and Saturdays

Shop W.A.R.E.S. accepts Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards and Debit Payments
Fill out Receipt, accurately recording the Date, Price Tag Code and the Amount of each item.
Cut off the Code and Amount off the tag (to be taped to the carbon copy in the receipt book)
Total the Purchase / There is no GST charged
Ask the customer how they will be paying and record that on the receipt.
If paying cash place money in the cash tray – there is a float in the tray for change.
If paying by Credit Card or Debit then follow these Elavon Directions
The Customer receives the White copy of the receipt and the second copy of the Elavon Receipt
Leave the carbon copy in the receipt book with the taped tags
Wrap the item in tissue paper and place in a bag which is located in the front desk.

End of Day:
At the end of the shift follow Elavon End of Day Procedures
Record daily sales total in the record book
Leave the cash and the float for the Coordinator to process
Ensure work area is clean
Lock the door before leaving
Return Key to Community Services

The Following three credit card Machine (Elavon) procedures are in the WARES Office at the desk for use when you make a sale. These are the same instructions used during our show and sale. The machine prompts are easy to follow.
Elavon Sales Procedures

START - Press 1 (one) for Sale.
Enter the amount, press ENTER (GREEN key).
Allow customer to Insert chip card into the reader at bottom or TAP
Terminal prints Merchant Copy FIRST then asks if you want a customer copy.
Tear off Merchant Copy and then hit yes. It prints copy for customer.

Elavon End of Day Procedures

Print / Display Batch Data
This must be done BEFORE a SETTLEMENT (ie Close Batch)
Press the 8 key.
Press #1 Reports Menu
Select #1 Detail
Press #1 to PRINT (Painters & Potters keep this copy)

SETTLEMENT (ie Close Batch)

Press the #7 key SETTLEMENT
(Press Red Key to return to main screen if needed)
Close Batch and Deposit Funds?
Select YES.
Select Accept or Cancel to confirm totals (which should match the Print Batch Data)
SETTLEMENT processes and you are asked if you want to print report. Say YES and do a DETAILED report. Save this DETAILED report for the bookkeeper.

Elavon Credit / Debit Return Procedures

Select RETURN (Green Key #2)
If prompted, enter Password (1234567F) and Press ENTER
Enter the Amount and press ENTER
Swipe, Insert or Tap Card or manually enter the account number and press ENTER
If manually keyed, enter the expiration date and press ENTER
If prompted, select YES to Confirm Amount or NO to Cancel Transaction
If prompted, select CHQ (Chequing) or SAV (Savings)
If prompted, enter PIN and press ENTER
If prompted, enter the last 4 digits of the Account # and press ENTER
The transaction processes and a Merchant Copy of the receipt prints
Select YES to print Customer Copy
If manually keyed, Imprint Card and press ENTER

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What When Credits Who
Thursday October 3 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Valerie L.
Thursday October 10 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Olga D.
Thursday October 17 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Valerie S.
Thursday October 24 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 betty T.
Thursday October 31 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Pamela W.
Thursday February 6 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Pamela W.
Thursday February 13 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Frances P.
Thursday February 20 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Francoise N.
Thursday February 27 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Elaine M.
Thursday June 4 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Liz M.
Thursday June 11 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Jill S.
Thursday June 18 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Sign up
Thursday June 25 Noon-3:30 pm 1.00 Sign up