United Community Ctr - Thurs June 23rd 11am-12pm 1028 S 9th Street signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

UCC visit - Thursday June 23rd

NEW as of June 22 at 5pm
A better space opened up for us and it works so much better, but requires some relocating..

We will be meeting and conducting our visit at Bruce Guadalupe Middle School....the building north of United Community Center.
920 S 9th Street
Enter the main door and we'll meet there.

For the first part of our visit the students will be in an auditorium.
You (pet therapy teams) and your volunteers: Lisa, Anne, Katie and Diane will be a short distance away in the gym.
Our contact Luz will have 10 signs with numerals one thru 10 (the number of teams) placed around the perimeter of the gym in a circle.

After the presentation about pet therapy and the benefit, the students will count off by 10, then make their way to the gym and go to their respective number. After 5 minutes the teams will move clockwise one spot...students stay put. We will try to make it around one full circle, but that's a lofty goal.

Parking Lot option.
There is a parking lot just north of the school.
The entrance to the lot is on the south side of National Avenue, east of 9th Street...just before the overhead freeway.
There is a Park n Ride green sign....enter the lot...continue straight...cross the alley (you're heading south) and enter the next parking lot.
There is an exit on the southwest corner.
You'll cross the street and the school will be on your left side.

OLD info
This is part of a summer program for 9th graders to prepare them for the transition into high school. One topic that is important that students will learn this summer is mindfulness and wellness practices.

This first segment of our visit will be talking about pet therapy and the benefits.
The last segment is breaking the group into smaller groups and meeting the pet therapy teams.

Extra non-pet therapy teams volunteers are greatly appreciated.

Parking is on 8th, 9th or 10th Street...also Washington, Mineral or Scott Street}
There is also a parking lot located on 9th and National...enter on National Av.

For a downloadable map...see the link in the PHP Calendar on our website

Our contact is Luz P.

Show volunteers

What and when
Teams needed for one shift - 1028 S 9th Street
11am - Noon
Show 10 names Kate G., Beth G., Deb A., Mary B., Kathleen D., Amy & Libby H., Ann & Stella K., Sara (& Jerry) H., Tim and Duncan H., Kathy and Samson T.,
Presentors - 1028 S 9th Street
11am - Noon
Amy, Sandy,
Volunteers non-dog assistance - 1028 S 9th Street
11am - Noon
Anne, Katie, Lisa, Diane,
Number of attendees
Back up
Unable to attend
Judy & Lu, Katie and Winston, Tammy and Shadow,
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