October 2021 PEO Nearly New Shop Donation Schedule signup sheet

Thank you for thinking of the Nearly New Shop! Below is the donation scheduled slots. Please select a day and time that works for you! THANK YOU! This schedule is ONLY for dropping off donations and not to volunteer in the store. *Reminder to all volunteers, you don't need to sign up for a donation slot, you can bring your donation into the store on your volunteer shift

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What Who
Wed 10/6 @10:30am Janice K.
Wed 10/6 @11:00am Barbara M.
Wed 10/6 @11:30am Alice M T.
Wed 10/6 @12:30pm Tom E.
Wed 10/6 @1:00pm Carol C.
Wed 10/6 @1:30pm Jennifer L.
Fri 10/8 @10:30am Jean S.
Fri 10/8 @11:30am Sarah N.
Fri 10/8 @12:30pm Linda E.
Wed 10/13 @10:30am Mary Beth F.
Wed 10/13 @11:00pm Maggie C.
Wed 10/13 @11:30am Luanne I.
Wed 10/13 @12:30pm Donna L.
Wed 10/13 @1:00pm Cassandra C.
Fri 10/15 @10:30am Edith B.
Fri 10/15 @11:00am Shirley D.
Fri 10/15 @11:30am ANNE M.
Fri 10/15 @12:30pm Jean S.
Wed 10/20 @10:30am Susan C.
Wed 10/20 @11:00am Kenneth W.
Wed 10/20 @11:30am JoAnn S.
Wed 10/20 @12:30pm Marion B.
Wed 10/20 @1:00pm Beverly A.
Fri 10/22 @10:30am Jean S.
Fri 10/22 @11:00am Linda S.
Fri 10/22 @11:30am Cathy P.
Fri 10/22 @12:30pm Kelly T.
Wed 10/27 @10:30am Lillian L.
Wed 10/27 @11:00am Margie G.
Wed 10/27 @11:30am Coral H.
Wed 10/27 @12:30pm Genelle L.
Wed 10/27 @1:00pm Kay D.
Fri 10/29 @10:30am Jean S.
Fri 10/29 @11:00am Don B.
Fri 10/29 @11:30am David P.