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January 1, 2020 Chapter Meeting signup sheet

The January 2020 Chapter Meeting will be held at Dogwood Canyon! Please join us on New Years Day and get 2020 going with hikes, yoga and other activities. For NTMNs - the short hikes are approved for 30 minutes of AT. The longer hikes for 60 minutes AT. Please check the calendar for reporting information.

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What and when
Hike & Yoga led by Bob Ritchie
January 1, 2020 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Show 25 names Scott H., Jennifer S., Dodi D., Stalin S., Lynn M., Kristina F., Mary L., Gary B., Richard H G., Rich L., Brenda C., Jennifer S., Wayne C., Avon B., Glenn B., Ryan L., Alexis P., Mohammad A., Courtney V., Amy K., Ellen G., Sue H., Cindy F., Grace B., Patti G.,
Mindfulness Hike led by Amy Martin
January 1, 2020 11:00-11:30 AM
Stalin, Dodi, Linda, Dan, Sue, Beverly, Jo Lynne, Richard H, Patricia, Laura, Carol, Diane, Diane, Frances, Michael, Michael, lisa, Tabatha, David, Carol unable to come, John,
Tree Identification Hike led by Dana Wilson
January 1, 2020 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Show 25 names John W., Kristi Kerr L., David H., Terri M., Cecelia S., David P., Bruce B., Kate W., Charles C., Tina R., Charles N., Russ and Jennifer O., Jay W., Linda W., Rhonda S., Rob K., Sandi S., Marion L., Cindy L., Doug G., Annemarie B., Karen W., Lee K., don P., Tori M.,
Guided Hike on Canyon Floor Trail with Dogwood Canyon staff
January 1, 2020 2:30-3:00 PM
John, Laura, Frances M., Susan, Jessica, David, Reba, Jo Lynne, don, Cindi, Lin, Kirsten, Phil, Evelyn, Jo, Jo, Jo, Sandy, Mandy, David, Diana,
Guided Hike on West Loop Trail with Dogwood Canyon staff
January 1, 2020 2:30-4:00 PM
Show 25 names Ganesh K., Angela M., Cynthia C., Zachary C., Jessica A., Beverly F., Patricia G., Melissa W., Nancy W., Steve W., Jennifer S., Wayne C., lisa B., Kristi Kerr L., David H., David P., Bruce B., Grace B., Rhonda S., Tonya J., Jacki M., Paige M., Annemarie B., William B., Christina F.,
Bring a Blackeye Pea dish or something else
January 1, 2020 11:30 AM
Show 25 names Jennifer S., Dodi D., Lynn M., Mary L., Sue M., Dan M., Beverly F., Mark K., Reba C., Jo Lynne M., Patricia G., Melissa W., Laura P., Steve W., Frances M. G., Michael K., Wayne C., Kristi Kerr L., David H., Gail K., David P., Grace B., Jo Lynne M., Janet S., Sarah H.,
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