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6/18/22 Migros Aid Cross-Cultural Immersion Experience (A spiritual Retreat) signup sheet

A 3-hour spiritual retreat in the city of Indianapolis:

A time of spiritual reflection, guided prayer, discovery, and exposure to the diverse cultures in Indianapolis and introducing people to the work of Migros Aid in the city.

The Retreat Includes a meal, a stop at the international market to shop in groups, driving in the community, guided prayer, a visit to the apartment of a refugee family to hear their migration story, and the Migros AId ministry center facility.

COST: $25 per person

(covers lunch, a gift to a refugee family, & a shopping experience)

GUIDED BY: Joel Vestal

11:30 AM- Meet at a restaurant for lunch. Participants will leave their cars in the parking lot and ride in the Migros Aid van after lunch. Everyone will return to their cars by 2:30. Families welcome. (Children 5th grade and older recommended)

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6/18/22. 11:30 - 2.30
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