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Cottonwood Planting Day on Miller Creek Sunday, June 4 signup sheet

Come join us for an afternoon of planting trees on the banks of upper Miller Creek. As part of a stream restoration project, we are planting cottonwoods along treated streambanks. Cottonwoods, when established, will protect the streambank from future erosion, and provide shade and hiding cover for fish. We will also be placing sedges, which thrive in wetlands and create wildlife habitat for many species to enjoy. Birds love wetlands! Whether you are a lover of fish, birds, or plants, this is a great opportunity to show your support! For this event, MPG requires a waiver for all volunteers. They make it very convenient with an online form. Here is a link to the waiver: You will fill out the adult visitor/guest waiver (the first option when you click the link). Look for more information in your email as the date approaches, but if you need more information please contact our community programs coordinator Julia Crocker at

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Cottonwood Planting on Miller Creek Sunday June 4
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