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Project #SaveHelix Campaign signup sheet

Phase I of 2:
50 Volunteers to take 2 steps:
1. Send an e-mail to SyFy Executives. Copy & paste petition verbiage. - Email addresses provided by @FansForHelix
2. Send a printed copy of the petition to SyFy. Address to be provided by @FansForHelix

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Volunteer Phase 1
Janiree B., Alisson R., Kilian F., Mónica C., faty g., Senseless M., Randall M., Evgeniy V., Saleem F., Ralf K., Isabelle B., Maria M., Cathi K., Sharron H., Ingrid K., Praxilla C., Brandan S., Paola M., Brian D., Kathy P., John N., sarah b., Michelle P., Spencer M., Miriam W., Josephine B., javiera l., Matthew H., mario a., Hiller R., Rodrigo A., Diana M., Merissa D., Sharron H., Jean-Francois C., Candice M., Samantha M., Lane H., Stefan C.,
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