September 2022 - Rebels Hockey Games - Volunteer Shifts signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Our Event Services volunteers are a very important part of ensuring we enhance the fan experience & provide friendly customer service to our guests!

Show volunteers

What and when
Event Services - Exhibition Game Orientation & Training
Sept.10, 2022 - 4pm-8pm
Tyler, Deborah, Sherry, Rick, Krystie, Ray, Drake, Jaydeep, Shannon, Shawna, Darren, Lindsay, Twyla, Bill, Brenda, Al, Russell, Brenda, Bobbi-Jo,
Event Services - Exhibition Game Orientation & Training
Sept.17, 2022 - 4pm-8pm
Tyler, Danielle, Seanna, Deborah, Krystie, Ray, Drake, Jaydeep, Jan, Bill, Brenda, Al, Shaelin, Russell, Bobbi-Jo, Shannon, Brock, Marisa,
Event Services - Regular Season starts vs Edmonton
Sept.24, 2022 - 5:30pm-10pm
Show 21 names Tyler B., Danielle M., Seanna M., Deborah S., Krystie B., Ray F., Drake S., Wayne K., Lindsay T., Darren T., Hunter F., Bill T., Brenda S., Al Q., Shaelin M., Russell C., Bobbi-Jo L., Shannon B., Brock M., Jan M., Emmalee C.,
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