2019 Keep Kokomo Beautiful Annual Planting: Sat, May 18 8-11am (Add company/org in parentheses after last name please) signup sheet

Volunteers will plant annuals in sidewalk gardens, parking lot gardens, gazebo garden and alley gardens. Volunteers should bring gloves, knee pads and wear clothing that can get dirty. In addition, volunteers are encouraged to bring their favorite gardening tools for small and medium plant gardening. Volunteers should meet at Gazebo park across from City Hall to form teams.

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Annual Planting Volunteers
Bev, Christi, Sona, Suzanne, Cassie, Valerie, Wendy, Steve, Andy, Ben, Kevin Staley & Jan, Jill, Mary, Sharon, Shanna, Shanna, TIFFANY, Rachael, Wendy, Victoria, Dolores, Debra, Bruce & Darrell, Angie, Tahnee, Amanda, Alexandra, Amelia, Sarah, Alexis, Deztinee, Natalie, Ma'leigha, Melissa, Melissa, Taylor, Dana, Taylor, Diana, Austin, Teresa, Robyn, Ashtyn, Christy, Susan, Alyssa,
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