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Experienced guest chefs and cooks will guide you in preparing and sharing an easy-to-prepare healthy meal, that’s easy on your budget. RSVP a must. 16 people per session. Sign up #17 and #18 are WAIT LIST. Please provide best email and cell number as you will receive a confirmation with session details. All sessions meet at Tehama 118 at 5pm sharp. We are looking forward to cooking with you.

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What and when
Cooking and Kitchen Basics
Monday, Feb. 10 - 5-7PM
Show 18 names Damian J., Stephen M., Alice Z., Brina C., Daniel L., Liliana R., Charlize G., Yanice C., Taylor S., Victoria M., Chloe C., Adriana V., Melinda M., Shirley M., Elena M., Timothy M., Travis T., Jackie M.,
One Pot Meals
Monday, Feb. 24 - 5-7PM
Show 18 names Damian J., Stephen M., Jazmine M., Alice Z., Grace S., Tatiana Y., Liliana R., Charlize G., Mikayla V., Taylor S., Chloe C., Adriana V., Melinda M., Elena M., Madeline H., Jackie M., Travis T., Daniel L.,
Pumping up the Veggies in Recipes
Monday, March 9 - 5-7PM
Damian, Stephen, Jazmine, Alice, Liliana, Charlize, Mikayla, Chloe, Jacklynn, Madeline, Serena, Justin, Grace,
Plan and Prep Your Meals for Your Week
Monday, March 30 - 5-7PM
Alyssa, Stephen, Alice, Liliana, Charlize, Chloe, Adriana, Elena, Madeline, Serena, Stacey, Ashley, Amanda, Marifer, Grace, Latisha,
Basic Salt Fermentation – Kimchi Class
Monday, April 13 - 5-7PM
Stephen, Liliana, Charlize, Adriana, Madeline, Serena, Melvin, Sagejane, Robert, Grace, Sumire, Norika,
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