St. A's Booth @ SaMo PRIDE_2019 Volunteer Sign Ups!

Thank you for volunteering your time to be part of St. A's celebration of PRIDE in Santa Monica's first PRIDE Festival. It takes a lot of amazing people to put on an amazing booth! And that's where you come in! We couldn't do this without you. This is a fun and collaborative way to celebrate pride and share St. A's welcome and God's love for all with our neighborhood and city. Whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ Community or an ally, we would love your help. So come on down, step right up and strut your stuff!
Volunteers will get
*One (1) T-shirt to wear while on duty.
*Snacks and waters will be provided.
Your duties will include assisting with the various activities in the booth, helping keep the St. A's booth area tidy, sharing In the fun of the day. Remember, there will be people there that have no experience with what a welcoming faith-based community looks and feels like. We want you to have fun! This event is for you too!
For more information, please contact:
Cato -

1. The number one rule is to have FUN!!!! St. A's PRIDE Booth is intended to show that people can love in the unique way that God has created them to and enjoy life. We will be an example for so many to showcase how good life can be with a faith-based community's support. So, let's have some fun!
2. As SaMo's PRIDE approaches, you will be provided specific instructions on how to check in for your commitment. So please be sure to include an email address or phone number!!!
3. Please be sure to include an email address or phone number!!! This is so important, it bears repeating. Your phone number and email will only be available for use by the St. A's PRIDE Planning Committee.
4. Participation is open to anyone. However, please keep in mind that this is a family-friendly festival.
5. Volunteer at your own risk. None of the sponsors, producers or organizers are responsible for any injuries to you while in, volunteering for, working in, or passing through the St. A's area.
6. Thank you again! We appreciate you! Don't forget to get your free T-shirt for being one of our amazing volunteers!

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Saturday - Setup, Misc
12pm-3pm; Sat, June 15
Doug, Chuck, Linn, Deborah, Becca,
Saturday - SaMo's St. A's Booth - SHIFT ONE
2pm-5pm; Sat, June 15
Dennis, Sarah, Vivian and James, Lynn, Greg,
Saturday - SaMo's St. A's Booth - SHIFT TWO
4pm-7pm; Sat, June 15
SHERRI, JK, chris, Pia, Christine,
Saturday - SaMo's St. A's Booth - SHIFT THREE
6pm-9pm; Sat, June 15
Kathryn, Josh,
Saturday - SaMo's St. A's Booth - SHIFT FOUR (inclds. tear down)
8pm-11pm; Sat, June 15
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