2018 Rock the Cliff 5K - Volunteers signup sheet

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What and when
Race Day Registration - hand out bibs and shirts and collect payment
Saturday Sept 30th 8am - 9am
Ricardo, Stephanie, Taelor, Jacqueline, Abigail, Jessica,
Course Setup - setting out cones, direction signs and trash cans
Saturday Sept 30th 7am - 8am
Allen, Kevin, Brenda, Ashley, Liliana, Hector, Esteban, Rodney,
Course Take Down - picking up cones, directions signs and trash cans
Saturday Sept 30th 10am - 11am
Celenne, Joanna, Guadalupe, Tiara, Emily, Nicholas, Monica,
Water Stop Monitors - setting up cups with water and handing out to runners
Saturday Sept 30th 8am - 10am
Show 10 names Elias C., Alexis C., Esmeralda o., Emily R., Roberto S., Jasmin P., Gisselle A., Joe B., marlene c., Keyla A.,
Finish Line Monitor - hand out water to 5k finishers
Saturday Sept 30th 9am - 10am
Lizeth, Angel, Alejandr, Tony, Mayra,
Fun Run Lead - help gain excitement and lead the fun run
Saturday Sept 30th 8:30am - 9am
Jennifer, Bryan,
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