CHRISTMAS, Dec 25 Misa-Mass at 1:30pm signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Sign up for attending Mass this day and hour
EVERYONE is counted singly and individually, including children, infants, and yes, even NEWBORNS each counted separately as part of the 200 attendees permitted into this Mass.
Please DO NOT RESERVE for those who are undecided -- Take a spot ONLY AFTER confirming who in your household (domicile) WILL be attending this Mass, thank you!
Please arrive half-hour before Mass, or at least 15 minutes before Mass begins and wait with proper social distancing under the carport (or in your car) until someone verifies you have pre-registered (here) and unlocks the door for you. Avoid touching doors and anything else wherever possible. DOORS CLOSE AND LOCK IMMEDIATELY AT THE START TIME OF MASS and no one will be allowed to enter afterwards.

Show volunteers

Miguel Angel, Roberto, Rafael, Martha, Alex, Laura, José Antonio, Consuelo, ANTHONY, Jonathan, Mariestela, Rene, Guadalupe, Teo, Rosa, Hilary, Guadalupe, Guadalupe, Pablo, Elia, Eulogio, Marco, Pedro, Jesus, Yazmin, Martha, Claudio, Junior, Kimberly, Angel, Amilcar y Rosalba, Pedro, Elizabeth, Sebastian, Esteban, Daisy, Pedro, Maria, Jovanni, Julian, Jocelyn, Jennifer, David, Diego, Maria De La Luz, Nicasio, Juan, Alma, Daniela, Jorge, Saul, Manuel, Maria A. C., Miguel, Lilia, Antonio, Fabiola, Gabriela, Ximena, Victoria, Maria Trinidad, Cruz, Guadalupe, Oyuki, Flor, Macrina, Apolinar, José Alfredo j, Pablo daniel, Americo, Rosa, Vanessa, Solei, Yanet,Lucila,Galdino,Eduardo,Marisol, Javier, Luz, Katia, Stephanie, Rosa, Odilia, Diego, Eddie, Refugio, Nayeli, Verónica, Alex, Francisco a, Miriam, Areli, Sara, Sandra, Gonzalo, Yahir, Juan, Anahi, Ismael, Martin, Jose, Maria, Miguel Angel, Alan, Blanca Estela, Kaylin, Jesus, Diana P, Angek, Juana, Paulina, Manuela, Dominga, Remedios, Eliazin, Estela, Kelly, Guadalupe, Yanet,Lucila,Galdino,Eduardo,Marisol, Diego, Irma, Kevin, Camila, Jose, Nelly, Samantha, Andy, Juan, Cindy, April, Abigail, Johnny, Humberto, Maricruz, Daniel, Alexa, Stephanie, María Antonia, Daisy, Carmen, Raul, Laura, Doralba, Chena, Ruben, Isela, Israel, Eréndira, Magdalena, Miroslaw, Filip, Kacper, Bartek, María Alejandra, Alva,
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