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Cape Cod Synagogue Mitzvah Day Volunteer Sign-ups

Please take a moment to sign up for your Mitzvah Day project. All project will take place on May 15, 2022 at 9:30am . Your project Leader is listed and will be in touch with you to provide details.

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Help the environment by cleaning up Craigville Beach in Centerville. Wear protective gloves.
May 15, 2022. 9:30am Project Leader: Natalie Guerin. Age Group: ALL
Margi L., Rona R., Ben D., Natalie G., Sam B., Stephanie P., Robert S., Gina L., Aaron L., Linda A.,
Paint and plant flower pots to donate to seniors at a senior living facility.
May 15, 2022. 9:30am Project Leader: Leslie Singer. Age Group: ALL
Show 10 names barbara m., Leslie S., Charlotte M., Shoshanna M., Gabriella S., Susan M., roger L., Marsha N., Annika&Daniela S., Micah S.,
Plant shrubs and flowers to beautify the Barnstable Police Station
May 15, 2022. 9:30am Project Leader: Bob Luss. Age group: ALL
Robert L., Barbara L., Robert L., Martha C., Demetri B., Margie K., Elaine P., Sean H., Griffin M., Charles D., Michael D., Shamus C., Liam P., Christian M., Hunter V., Jacob R., Brendan T., Elijah C., Jennifer R.,
Draw Get-Well cards for hospital patients and ill congregants (Caring Committee)
May 15, 2022. 9:30am Project Leader: Sue Mager. Age group: Pre-K to K.
Sue M., Rebecca D., Daniela S., Annika Marion S., Micah S., Samantha D., tori w., Shoshanna M., Charlotte M., Joanne S., Alex M.,
Make small blankets for shelter pets
May 15, 2022. 9:30am Project Leader: Sue Mager. Age group: School-Age
Sue M., Rebecca D., Evangeline B., Samantha D., tori w., Max and Lily S., Max S.,
Drop off Pastries for CCS Onegs- No sign up required, but helpful to know
May 15, 2022. 9:30am Project Leader: Joanne Sheaffer-White. Age group: ALL
Michael S., Eileen E., Laurie and John B., Jennifer R., Joanne S., Robyn C.,
Assemble toiletry bags for the homeless and sheltered families
May 15, 2022. 9:30am Project Leader: Michael Singer. Age group: ALL
Show 9 names Michael S., Cathy S., Carolyn L., Wendy K., Melissa D., Nathan L., Sharon L., Robyn and Sophia C., Julianne B.,
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