EKVC Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee signup sheet

Fundraising is an important and critical issue for EKVC. The fundraising/sponsorship committee can allow for a more effective and efficient way of raising Club funds and profile to ensure that registration costs are achievable for athletes who would like to play competitively. To be established at the start of each season to ensure the continued operation of the Club. At least one Director of the Club shall sit on the committee and any Member of the Club qualifies for committee Membership.

Job description:
- provide a plan for the year that will guide the organization in seeking out and securing funding from an array of outside sources.
- identify and communicate with potential donors to secure sponsors
- promote and coordinate the current fundraising efforts ie: Gift cards, Pizza nights and TruEarth
- acknowledge donors

Time commitment: approximately 1-2 hours per month per person

Work with a Board Director who will chair the committee and report to the Board. The chair (director) will provide clear divisions of labour and role definitions as well as assign action items as needed.

Roles of the Ad hoc Committee Members (Volunteers) shall include;
i. Each Member shall, on a rotating basis, take on the role of Recorder and, as such, will take notes at the meeting, either electronically or in hard copy and will distribute these notes to all Committee members within three business days.
ii. Committee members will take on tasks, as identified/approved by Chair and in the work plan, and will act on behalf of EKVC to carry out those tasks,
iii. Committee members will attend an orientation such that they are aware of the scope of their role and the limitations of their activities i.e. committing EKVC to unapproved expenses and/or use of resources.
iv. Members will come to meetings prepared to report on work/tasks.

As a volunteer for EKVC, you will be providing youth with an opportunity to help develop their skills in the sport of volleyball within the East Kootenays. If you are passionate about sport and are committed to advancing and promoting volleyball within the community, you'll be gaining new skills and work experience while sharing your gift of contribution and service for others.

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