Mar 28, Thur - Wanneroo signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

SupermotoWA Thursday Track Night

CLERK OF COURSE - Responsible for the running of the event. - paid $150
If you are interested in completing this certification, MWA put on periodic FREE courses. Why not earn a little cash while helping out the club! Check out for more info. SupermotoWA CoC's for Tack Nights will be paid $150*. You can be CoC, and still ride, provided there is another CoC in charge whilst you are riding (riding in another class, or someone like a parent who is helping another rider). Why not get a friend and share the job and both of you get that track night FREE? Just message us to let us know you want to ride and CoC, and we'll put the word out to find another riding CoC and then let you know a Coupon Code to use when booking your ticket to get it free!

SIGN ON HELPER - Sight rider's tickets (all tickets are bought online and emailed to them), sight licenses and make sure they are valid. Ensure payment is complete. Simples!

FIRST AID OFFICER - We require 1x FA officer, available at all times during the event. This can be a single person not riding or share the role with a friend in another class. So long as there is 1 qualified FA person available at all times. The CoC in charge, can also do the role of FA officer provided they hold suitable qualifications. Benefit is you get a $20 discount just for signing up!

Show volunteers

What and when
Clerk of Course (CoC)
5:00pm to 9:30pm
Justin H.,
1st Aid Officer (I am NOT riding)
5:00pm to 9:30pm
Andrew C.,
Sign-On Helper
5:00pm until all entrants are signed on
My name is Geoff W.,
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