Urgent Meal Volunteers for the TGS TLC Community Support Team signup sheet

Thank you for your donation, it will make a difference.

To contribute you simply need to make your favourite family meal, or any other dish that will feed a family. A quantity for 5-6 people works well, or two smaller containers. Popular meals are pastas, casseroles, soups, pies/quiches basically anything that kids and adults will eat that is able to be frozen in the container. Please note that containers will unfortunately not be able to be returned.

In addition to meals, we are also asking for lunchbox items, such as muffins, slices, cakes to help with that daily home task.

There are a few guidelines to be followed please:

1. Meals/lunchbox items should be FRESH. Please only donate items which have not already been frozen.

2. Meals/lunchbox items should be NUT-FREE i.e. they must not contain nuts, nut products or peanut oil.

3. Please LABEL your meal/lunchbox item with the following details: meal/lunchbox item name, list of ingredients, reheating instructions, date prepared and initials of preparer. If the meal/lunchbox item is specifically vegetarian, gluten free etc. please note this clearly on the label.

4.Deliver your meal/lunchbox item to the refrigerated ESKY at TGS Senior School Reception and enter details in the LOG BOOK. Items will be delivered to a freezer at the school and distributed by the TGS School Leadership Team.

Making Sure Donated Food Is Safe -

Food safety precautions for donated food are the same as for any other food. Food safety involves taking care when handling, storing, packing and transporting food. Use a disposable food grade freezer container to store your prepared food. Foil containers with cardboard lids are readily available at supermarkets.

Food-poisoning bacteria are often naturally present in food, even if the food looks, tastes and smells normal. Some foods are more high risk than others and can quickly become unsafe when not refrigerated or eaten immediately, especially in warmer weather.

The correct storage temperature for high-risk foods is below 5 degrees Celsius or above 60 degrees Celsius. High-risk foods include meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products and smallgoods, or foods that contain these foods, such as quiches.

Please ensure that your donated food spends as little time as possible in transport. Please keep high-risk food out of the temperature danger zone (between 5 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius) while being transported.

Everyone involved in handling donated food should maintain the highest standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Links to a Food Safety Rules poster and an online Food Safety Guide:

Thanks again for volunteering to help our School community.

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Prepare Meals within 48 hours for TGS Families requiring TLC
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