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2024 Night of Improv & One Acts (Improv 1 & 2, LDAP 1-6) signup sheet

Lobby opens at 6pm, Call Time at 6:10pm, Doors open at 6:15pm, Show starts at 6:30pm.

Thanks so much for your support of our Musical Theatre program at Edmonds Heights. It is only through the support of our parents and other volunteers that the magic happens! You are important!

Keep in mind that hours may be fulfilled by working ANY SHOW during the semester, not just the level in which your child is enrolled. All volunteer lists and descriptions can be found on the volunteer page of our website

**All Front-of-House and Green-Room-Parents positions on the day of the show, please check in with the house manager when you arrive!** The house manager is always your point of reference for questions and directions. There is a detailed checklist to follow for each position - many of which can be found at our website on the Volunteer Descriptions page.

Usher - Please dress in professional attire that is all black or black with white. Please check in with the house manager upon arrival. They will give you any updates or new information you need for that performance. Ushers will sit on the back benches during the show to monitor entry/exit. Ushers may be asked to help support student concessions. Please let the House Manager know if you are comfortable making coffee. A detailed list of duties is at Arrive 1.25 hours before the show starts in preparation for the lobby to open 1 hour before the show.

Box Office / Ticket Scanning - *New Sub-Roles* will be assigned upon arrival. You will either work solely in the Box Office, as a ticket scanner, or float between the Box Office and Ticket Scanning, where needed. Please dress in professional attire. Attend a Box Office training session - this is required unless you have already had training this year; there have been changes in the process Set up the Box Office and get the starter cash from the house manager or box office lead. Tickets are sold one hour before the show and during intermission. After the show, ensure the box office is put away and locked up in the Drama Storage closet. Detailed instructions will be given during training. You can still watch the show, but you must purchase tickets. If you are not watching the show, you can also volunteer for Lobby Security. Arrive 1.5 hours before the show starts.

Concessions - Student volunteers will now run concessions. Please dress in professional attire. Set up the concessions tables and set out donation bowls. Concessions are sold before the show for one hour and during intermission. After the show, make sure refrigerated items are put away and the table is covered with plastic sheeting. (After the last show of the weekend, items are counted and put away, plates cleaned, the cart restocked, and everything put away in the drama storage closet.) Students working concessions may sit in the back and watch the show. Anyone sitting in red chairs must purchase tickets. Arrive 1.25 hours before the show starts in preparation for the lobby to open 1 hour before the show.

Lobby Security - Please check in with the house manager upon arrival. Your primary duty in the first half-hour is to assist the ushers with the seating of late guests. For the remainder of your shift, while the show is going, please assist anyone who exits the auditorium with re-entry and keep the lobby area secure. A detailed list of duties is at Arrive 15 min before the show starts.

Strike Party Team - After the closing performance, help is needed in the auditorium, lobby, and stage to prepare this space for the regular school week and following shows. Cast and tech members are expected to strike the green room, costumes, and various tech areas. Please check in with the House Manager at the end of the show to find out what needs to be done. If there is a cast party after the last performance, then help is also needed to set-up and clean-up.

Other Volunteer Opportunities - If you want to help with costumes, sets, painting, or have another skill you would like to offer to the program, please fill out the volunteer interest form at or email your Volunteer Coordinator who will pass your information on to the appropriate person.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email

Thank you for your support of the musical theater program at Edmonds Heights!

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Show volunteers

What and when
NIOA, Volunteer Coordinator - Improv 1 & 2
Alan B.,
IOAN, Volunteer Coordinator - LDAP 1-6
Gretchen Bjork K.,
IOAN, House Manager
Wed, May 29, 5:30pm-End
IOAN, Concessions (students)
Wed, May 29, 5:45pm-End
IOAN, Usher
Wed, May 29, 5:45pm-End
Ethan T., Elise S.,
IOAN, Lobby Security
Wed, May 29, 5:45pm-End
Yolanda M.,
IOAN, Strike Party Team
Wed, May 29, after show
Ethan T.,
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