Field of Flags 2021 signup sheet

Help us with one of our signature community events! We and hundreds of volunteers will create a majestic field of flags at the War Memorial Center. In 2020, we planted 2,972 flags representing every brave Milwaukee service member who gave his or her life defending our country during World War II.
Going from the greatest generation to the latest generation, in 2021 we will plant 7,056 flags to honor every brave United States service member who gave his or her life since 9/11.
The completed garden is a breathtaking tribute and a powerful message of community support for these fallen heroes that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Placing of Flags will take place Saturday May 29th, 2021 at 9:00am. Please wear comfortable clothing, hats and gloves. This is an all weather event.

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What and when
Placing of Flags
Saturday, May 29th 9am
Sophia, Meghan, Angie, Kim, Emily, Laura, Wendy, Jan, Louise, Sarah, Chris, Nicole, Jason, William, Bryan, John, Jim,
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