St. Albert Road Race presented by Active Physio Works 2019 signup sheet

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the St. Albert Road Race presented by Active Physio Works. The race will be taking place on April 28th, 2019. Race start is at the St. Albert Curling Club (3 Tache Street). See below for the descriptions of each volunteer role. If you would like to volunteer to captain any of these positions please feel free to send an email. And please forward to anyone you believe would like to help!

Flagger: You will be posted at intersections along the race course. Your role is to control the flow of traffic during the race to ensure that all participants are able to proceed safely along the route.

Marshal: You will be posted along the course to ensure racers stay on route and provide support for racers.

Water station: You will be posted at our aid stations along the course. We would like a minimum of 5 people at each station, but would love to have more! Your duties include filling and distributing water cups to racers as they pass by your station, as well as cheering and providing encouragement for athletes.

Pre-race registration: Your role will be ensuring racers are set up with their packages and shirts on race morning.

Race set up/take down: Your role will be to assist in race set up and take down.

Other: we will find you a spot!

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Michael, Phil, Lynne, Mike, Anita, Sarah, Spyroula,
8AM- 12PM
Show 34 names Helmi M., Angela W., Brenda S., Jean-Jacques T., Mary-Anne T., Wendy L., Karen R., Hugh B., Brian R., Tari K., Ken A., Jennifer N., Laura T., Craig W., Allison B., Thomas M., Cathy A., Cynthia S., Chris S., Keira S., Brent M., Thomas M., Ellen A., Robyn D., Anne-Marie L., Faye L., Marcie G., Krista O., Kevin C., Lee-Ann J., Jorgen J., Robyn A., Debbie M., Brandyn P.,
Pre-race Registration
Jared, Susan, Daria, Loretta,
Water Stations
8:30AM- 12PM
Show 19 names Walter K., Rebecca T., Lori Z., Alex Z., Zoe Z., Thể Q., Hyeri (Jasmin) J., Justine J., Emma R., Tom M., Leanne L., Eufie L., Janet A., Griffin G., Janet A., Felix D., Tracey F., Marley F., Caitlin F.,
LAST WATER STATION (sign up in group!)
candis, Brielle, Leslie, Anyalee, Sydney,
Tech Shop package pickup Friday Apr 26, 2019
Isabelle, Betty, Cindy,
Tech Shop package pickup Saturday Apr 27, 2019
Michelle, Lori,
Tech Shop package pickup Saturday Apr 27, 2019
David, Sean,
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