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Church Picnic | May 22, 2022 signup sheet

Right after the Worship Service.

MENU | Hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, watermelon, chips | Dessert Food Trucks

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Pasta Salad | Recipe on webpage
Show 18 names Jude K., Lacey A., Lyan S., Shawna C., Sheila O., Sheila O., Sara D., Birgit B., Lynn H., Mary P., Jody O., Krista S., Erika L., Lola A., Stacy S., Ruth S., Linda H., Honey A.,
Pasta Salad | Gluten Free & Dairy Free | Recipe on webpage
Penny R., Kim A., Amanda K., Diane S.,
Watermelon | Large | Cut into small wedges
Show 12 names Jude K., Maureen C., Lacey A., Karina K., Holly L., Christine P., Bethany S., Bethany P., Linda W., Linda W., Rona N., Ruth Ann M.,
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