EPFA Bingo - Sunday, March 12 signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Afternoon bingo at Kensington Bingo Hall. 12538 132 Ave NW, Edmonton.

Please contact fundraising@supportingelmwoodschool.org with any questions.

Chair - responsible for the overall running of the bingo event. Instructs other volunteers. Assists other positions when needed.

Bonanza Controller - provides the float to the sellers, records cards distributed to sellers, records cash sellers return. Works with paid office staff to facilitate the running of the bingo. Coordinates volunteer supper breaks. Good for anyone with mobility issues.

Paymaster - sells Early Bird cards to the patrons (assisted by the Chair or Bonanza Controller when busy). Responsible for paying out all the winnings. Good for anyone with mobility issues.

Sheets person - reviews the patrons receipt for the cards they have purchased and hands out the appropriate booklet to the player (assisted by the chair when busy). Good for anyone with mobility issues, however, if they are able they can help with callbacks after the half time break.

Sales people - sell an assortment of bingo products to hall patrons and callback the winning cards. Will spend the evening walking around the hall.

Back-up - fills in if someone calls out.

Show volunteers

What and when
Key Position
Sales People
Amanda, Jenny, Ashley, Linda, Barb,
Melanie, Soo Fan,
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