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2024 Spring Hort Blitz. signup sheet

Join us for our annual garlic mustard pull. Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is a very aggressive, non-native plant that has invaded many natural areas in the Midwestern and eastern United States. Deer do not eat it, so it continues to spread. In addition to simply outcompeting native vegetation, it produces chemicals that inhibit the establishment of other (native) plants. The area we will be working in is not currently open to the public, but trails have been created, hundreds of trees and shrubs have been planted, and we are hoping to make the area part of the public garden in the future.

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Hort Blitz Volunteer
Saturday, 4/27/2024. 8:30-11:30
Jim R., Nancy S., Dan T., John J., Linda N., Nicola C., Hope J., Frances G., Shamia N., Kate T., Eleanor T., Nikolai L., Hope J., Andrea f., Lucy K., Jonathan F., Sam L., Jeffrey W., Rebecca P., John K., Kevin D.,
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