Missoula Outdoor Cinema 2021 Volunteers! signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

The Northside and Westside's Missoula Outdoor Cinema, presented by North-Missoula Community Development Corporation (NMCDC), is BACK! To make sure that MOC grows, improves, and remains for years to come, we need neighbors to get involved and take ownership! NMCDC and the Northside-Westside CREW (Community Rising for Equity and Well-Bring), our neighbor-led community organization, are seeking more neighbors who want to volunteer at this event. This is YOUR neighborhood outdoor cinema event and it can't happen without you!

Movies are shown on Saturdays throughout the summer at the Head Start Playground on the Northside and begin after sunset. We have 6 showings scheduled for the 2021 season and need 8 volunteers per weekend! Volunteers work together with our volunteer coordinator, Lauren, to get set up, make and sell popcorn, work our concessions stand, take donations at the gate, and leave the Head Start playground cleaner than we found it.

Volunteer shifts begin ~1.5 hours before showtime and end ~20-30 minutes after the film ends.

The movie schedule this year is:
- Saturday, July 10th: Labyrinth (1986)
- Saturday, July 17th: Dirty Dancing (1987)
- Saturday, July 24th: Jurassic Park (1993)
- Saturday, July 31st: Big Fish (2003)
- Saturday, August 7th: Inside Out (2015)
- Saturday, August 14th: Matilda (1996)

This event is put on by NMCDC and made possible by neighborhood leaders like you. All donations go toward ensuring that NMCDC can continue to offer this program and all of the other awesome things that we do. Let's do this! Thank you!

Show volunteers

What and when
MOC Volunteers for Saturday, July 10th (Labyrinth)
arrive at 8:00 PM
Shelbey, Myra, Jesse, josh, Maizie,
MOC Volunteers for Saturday, July 17th (Dirty Dancing)
arrive at 7:55 PM
Show 8 names Jesse B., Olivia K., Claire B., Kaya J., Kari N., Jess M., Conrad S., Clare V.,
MOC Volunteers for Saturday, July 24th (Jurassic Park)
arrive at 7:45 PM
Show 8 names Jesse B., Holter B., Christa C., Joe S., bill c., nat s., Paul H., Anna M.,
MOC Volunteers for Saturday, July 31st (Big Fish)
arrive at 7:40 PM
Show 8 names Myra L., Jesse B., Kayje B., josh d., Lizzi J., reed f., Grace D., Kaya J.,
MOC Volunteers for Saturday, August 7th (Inside Out)
arrive at 7:30 PM
kari, Michelle, Jesse, Pam,
MOC Volunteers for Saturday, August 14th (Matilda)
arrive at 7:20 PM
Bailey, Jesse, Roe, Kaya,
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