Set-up/Tear-down Crews for Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

A crew of at least 20 volunteers are needed (18 yrs of age or older) to help with the assembly and disassembly of the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. Anticipate 3-6 hours needed for assembly crew and 3-5 hours needed for disassembly crew. High school volunteers are authorized as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult; however, the total number of adults needed is 20 minimum. Times will be based on number of volunteers available to assist and arrival of the wall to the community. As the event gets closer, we will have more accurate time frames for assembly and disassembly. Location of Wall will be Chapel at Crosspoint located at 1477 S Co Hwy 393, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. It is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, May 27th between 10-10:30am. Assembly Crew Should arrive no later than 10:30am. Disassembly will occur on Tuesday, June 1st. Volunteers should arrive no later than 8:30am CDT to assist with disassembling Wall.

Show volunteers

What and when
Assembly Crew
Thursday, May 27th
Show 20 names Geoff N., Bill K., Dana K., Vic S., Thomas S., Suzanne S., Judson S., Jennifer K., Christine Z., Ralph C., Mary B., Bruce H., steve c., Tonia W., Victor H., Peter M., Charles C W., dana j., Shawn P., Tom W.,
Disassembly Crew
Tuesday, June 1st
Geoff N., Dana K., Bill K., Vonn P., Ralph C., Christine Z., steve c., Peter M., Charles C W., Lorraine P., Barbara B., Jeff R.,
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