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June 27th - July 2nd

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What and when
Car Wash - Wash cars, collect donations
Monday, June 27th - Time 9AM-12PM
Anaya R., Annabel B., Justice M., Woody W., Lane A., Woody L., Fiifi B.,
One Kid "Clean Up" Day - Pine Hills Community - Clean up crew
Tuesday, June 28th - Time 10AM:1PM
Katrina W., Anaya R., Annabel B., Isabella A., Jory P., Deondrick P.,
Girls to Women- Boys to Men Panel Discussion - to assist with logistics, refreshments
Wednesday, June 29th - Time 6PM -9PM
Show 10 names Anaya R., Isabella A., Candy V., Rob V., Alyssa V., Dylan V., Erica H., Xavier H., Genny D., Elisabeth J.,
Nature Hike - Hike and help chaperone kids
Thursday, June 30th - Time 9AM-12PM
Shalise H., Nalani A., Fiifi B., Jory P.,
Boys & Girls Club Field Day - Downtown - stations, refreshments, put together bags
Friday, July 1st - Time 9AM-3PM
Anaya R., Annabel B., Isabella A., Kiara J., Kasey R., Fontella J., Elisabeth J., Genny D., hannah b., Colby G., Aisley P., Lane A., Kaiyu C., Nalani A., Rashawn H., Gabriella H., Dominique R., Nehemie F., Tonaye S., Jadelyn B., Cierra R., Hannah B., Frantz P., Hadassah D., Farryn W., Tj T., Jenaya K., Nikhil E., Emory L.,
Dreamplex - Paint interior - paint, clean up
Saturday, July 2nd - Time TBA
Blair H., naiya s., Frantz P., Emory L., Elisabeth J., Cree L., Nalani A., Fiifi B., Colby G., eve l., eve l., Tatiana J., Mary A., Dominique R.,
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