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How Shall We Live Focus Groups signup sheet

Regenerating Paradise, a nonprofit devoted to helping rebuild our town better than it was, is gathering community input about what kinds of housing people want as well as other ideas for the future of Paradise. Sign up for just one slot, please. Thanks!

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What and when
RP Focus Group #1
Thursday, April 6, 4-7 pm
Show 9 names Lucas S., Charles J., Nick L., Brenda D., James C., Mary B., Marisa W., Amanda B., Rosa H.,
RP Focus Group #2
Friday, April 14, 4-7 pm
Show 8 names William B., Alex B., Spencer J., Paul D., Colton D., Collins J., Owen J., Bob D.,
RP Focus Group #3
Saturday, April 22, 4-7 pm
Show 8 names Solomon D., Sylvia C., Apple G., Tonny A., Patricia L., Lilly B., Christina S., Cansu Pelin �.,
RP Focus Group #4
Sunday, April 30, 4-7 pm
Gina B., Brian F., Alex D., Sylvia C., Franci L., Bob D.,
RP Focus Group #5
Thursday, May 4, 4-7 pm
Show 8 names Donald C., Mary B., William L., Tom T., Jerry P., Diane p., Ginny B., Kelana A.,
RP Focus Group #6
Friday, May 12, 4-7 pm
Christine H., Sylvia C., Riley B., Alex D.,
RP Focus Group #7
Wednesday, June 21, 5:30-7 pm
Show 10 names Jack G., Camy R., Francine R., Debora D., Jim A., Jennifer G., Kelsi D., Jim C., Ed S., Kristina T.,
RP Focus Group #8
Sunday, June 25, 1-2:30 pm
Show 10 names James P., Kelsi D., Jennifer R., Cindy M., Johnathan S., Sarah P., Carrie M., Samantha H., TRISH B., Wyatt C.,
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