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Ramadan Food Basket packaging signup sheet

Help sponsor a family in need by donating $50 for a food basket to open their fast all month long and/or come help us pack the boxes and place them in the truck. Families with or without kids (7+ years old) are welcome.

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What and when
Packing boxes at the stations
1:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Show 40 names Salam S., Raifa A., Nahed H., Ahmed E., Mahmoud S., Ibrahim S., Mohammed S., Omar S., Nadia A., Safeya S., Ibrahim S., Sawsan M., Maliha B., Yosra M., Suhayb R., Lindihana G., Leyla I., Ahmed S., Ensara S., mahnoor g., momal G., Lindihana G., Floresha G., Alisa G., Lori G., Agnieszka P., Alexander P., Hagar F., Rania Z., Rafath W., Hajra W., Rafath W., Devlin K., Mohammed W., Rafath W., Rafath W., Nahed H., Haneefah C., Sumaiyah C., Asiya C.,
Packed boxes loading on the truck
2:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Show 25 names Awaiz M., Yusuf R., Moez A., Marwan A., Amal D., Danya D., Ayah Z., Fayrouz A., Sedra A., juju a., juju a., juju a., Laila A., Rama D., Mohammad D., Carmen A., Mahmoud E., Tawfic E., Moustafa E., Yahya R., Nasir R., Ibrahim A., Zaid A., Tahseen M., Mariam K.,
Clean up
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Ibrahim, Mohammed, Belsam, Yusuf, Mohamed Amine, Naima, Omar, Salma, Tahseen, Abriel,
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