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Please choose an event below. Click the link to the event date you want to attend and sign up. It only takes a minute, and we promise not share your email or phone number with anyone. You will receive an instant confirmation, and a few days before your shift you will get an email and/or text as a reminder with specific directions to the event. No matter where you live, or what club or group you identify with, you are welcome to sign up for any the events below. Our goal is to enlist everyone we can to work together to flip these important states BLUE. Our events are usually held at community centers, local libraries, and or event spaces.

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What and when
Huntington Beach Huddle, Sea -Aria Mobile Estate Clubhouse 6241 Warner Avenue Huntington Beach
Friday, August 9th, 6:00-8:30 PM
Show 35 names Carolyn D., Cate H., Maria S., Verna A., Patricia N., Cathey R., Debbie L., Bonnie M., Cathey R., Anne B., Cathey R., Cathey R., Cathey R., Jyoti (Jodi) V., Pam K., Marilyn R., Tina L., Deborah L., Kathleen S., Lee W., Laura R., Bethany W., Anna S., Linda G., Linda G., Maureen W., Mary Ann C., Annette B., LuAnne V., Carol D., Eileen M., Anna S., Maggie W., Leer w., Brian and D.,
Newport Beach Women's Democratic Club, 801 Narcissus Ave, OASIS Senior Center, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Sunday, August 18th, 6:30-8:15 PM
Show 71 names Cate H., Mike H., Tara S., Lara H., Joani S., Danna L., Maryanne R., Vivian F., Edith V., Faye H., Julie T., Sudi F., Susan E., Margaret R., Evelyn H., Stuart F., Bonnie M., Saboohi C., Nancy V., Anne B., Deborah E., Veronica P., Teray S., Kathleen S., Pam and Doug (2) C., Laura Q., Eva G., Edith H., Nancy E., Launa W., LuAnne V., Anne B., MAXINE M., Laurie D., Laurie D., Deb S., Alex M., Billie H., Carol G., Cecily b., Cheryl F., Claudette m., Erik f., joyce a., julie c., leslie v., Mary Ellen W., norma W., Patty G., Saudia G., Jennifer I., Carol and Joanne C., julie c., Laurie S., Liz P., nellie y., Nancy E., Sherry W., Ted W., Rima N., Wendi W., Lorellen G., Lorellen G., latika s., Joe M., Diane K., Mikelle F., Linda C., Emily C., Joan P., Melanie S.,
Newport Coast/Irvine Imagine Action, 3000 Fifth Ave, Community Youth Center Corona del Mar
Saturday, August 31st, 11:00- 1:00 PM
Show 60 names Vivian F., Margo F., Julie T., Edith V., Kim B., Susan E., Faye H., Saboohi C., Jyoti (Jodi) V., Robert M., Kim M., Diane K., Kathleen S., Jenny B., Marcia V., Donna W., Gail W., Joyce A., Frances G., Homa M., CAROL L C., Cindy H., Sheila S., Sara H., Teray S., Norma W., Nancy T., Nancy T., Nancy E., Fazlia S., Fazlia S., Cate H., M Joyce P., Maxine G., Jeanne L., Roz C., Barby S., Stuart G., Pam P., Pam and Bob P., Julie L., Julie L., Lee w., Bonnie M., Susan R., Jyoti V., Vicki S., Jennifer M., Melinda S., Michael S., latika s., Mary C., Nancy G., Carol L., Kathryn W., Barbara S., Linda E., Ann P., Carol E., Nancy W.,
Aliso Niguel Democratic Club, 30902 Clubhouse Dr., Laguna Niguel 92677
Saturday, September 7th, 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Show 40 names Andrea A., Michael S., Jean S., Pam and Doug (2) C., Pamela L., Joanie K., Lee W., Sally G., Danna L., Debbie L., Ellen D., Kaelyn D., Kathleen S., Andrea A., Todd H., Kevin W., Joanie K., Mimi R., Merri L., Debbie S., Christine R., Deb S., Sarah B., Fay M., Anne G., Sue M., Deborah T., Leisa M., Pauline H., Ann O., Nancy L., Marilyn S., Chris C., Tam N., Steve B., Christine M., Dianne G., Rebecca N., Barron H., Doug C.,
DemOC PAC, Irvine (address will be emailed a few days before the event)
Saturday, September 21st, 9:30am - 12:00pm
Show 16 names K F., Julie T., Hilda R., Nancy C., MASSIE H., Susan S., Arlette L., Nilima G., Mark S., Teri B., Linda A., Michael A., Joe D., Leslie B., Andrew C., Andrea H.,
Laguna Beach Democratic Club, Laguna Ocean Vista Clubhouse 21731 Ocean Vista Dr. Laguna Beach, Ca 92651
Sunday, September 29th, 11:00 - 1:00 PM
Show 40 names Kathleen S., Kim B., Debra V., Audrey P., Pam and Doug (2) C., Jean S., Lee W., Mary C., Danna L., Debbie L., Bonnie M., Kaelyn D., Pamela B., Alyce L., Joe M., Peter B., Deborah L., Becky V., Lisa L., Chris P., Chris P., Lara H., Donna M., Sue M., Miriam L., Marcia Y., Roger O., Jeffrey J., Marilyn F., Nancy W., Nancy W., Linda H., Linda H., Lee W., Claudia G., Pam F., Katrina F., Lee w., Karin H., Teraya S.,
Democrats of Greater Irvine, Irvine Location TBD
Sunday, October 27th, 11:00 - 1:00 PM
Faye, Jean, Nadine, Susan, k, Lydia, mickey, Katrina, Pam and Doug, Sarah, Nancy, Nilima, Marti, Richard, Carolyn, Gail, Linda, Lynne, Jonathan, Kathleen, Carolyn, Holly, Liz, Lee, Scott, Genee, Mary Ann, Jesud, molly, Geraldine, Naz, Kathleen, Lee, Cathy, Jinni, Joshua,
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