Open Streets: Family Sundays! (6/14) signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

HBL is thrilled to announce Kalākaua Open Street Sundays, sponsored by the City and County of Honolulu in partnership with the Hawaii Bicycling League. Kalākaua Avenue in Waikīkī will be closed to vehicular traffic from 6am to noon and open for biking, walking and jogging. You’ll be able to exercise in one of the most beautiful places in the world with your family and friends. Keiki on bikes. Babies in strollers. Kūpuna strolling and enjoying the fresh air. Couples holding hands for a walk. New bicyclists not ready to brave the open roads. All are welcome to join as one ‘ohana for a morning of leisurely exercise.

More information at:

All volunteers will get a complimentary I BIKE HI turquoise HBL shirt to wear while they are volunteering as a Bicycling Ambassador! We do ask that all volunteers wear this shirt so they can be recognized as an awesome Bicycling Ambassador :) Please indicate your shirt size (unisex: XS, Sm, Med, Lrg, XL, or XXL) next to your last name when signing up (example: Malia Harunaga XS)

What is a Bicycling Ambassador?
This is someone on a bicycle (or walking) that is friendly, respectful, kind, and ready to help! They are riding their bicycle at a nice, controlled pace under 8 MPH, with the directional flow so that people can have someone to look at for how they should conduct themself. We want to make sure everyone there - people walking and people biking - coexist happily, and have fun being outside and active in this beautiful place!

For all volunteer positions, meet at: Seaside Avenue & Kalākaua Avenue

➤ Street marking and initiating flow of bikers/walkers
We'll be going by bike in teams of two to set down heavy-stick tape in the shape of arrows at the intersections and writing BIKE or WALK so that people know what direction to go. These teams will be following the GP Roadways vehicle which will be laying down cones to officially close the street off to motor vehicles. After this is done the teams will spin slowly in the cool morning to initiate the proper flow of bicycle riders, being an awesome Bicycling Ambassador for people to follow their lead!

➤ Biking Ambassador and helping with flow of bikers/walkers
Slowly cruising along, helping people understand the directional flow of bicycle riders. Being friendly, saying hi, and showing plenty of aloha to everyone. If anyone looks like they need help we can ask if they're okay or if they need anything. Kindly keep people moving (not congregating), and making sure people riding bicycles have a great example to follow!

➤Marking Remover & People Mover
Starting off as a friendly Bicycling Ambassador at 11am, then starting to remove the taped down directional arrow markings around noon. Good idea to bring a plastic bag for the used tape so we can throw it away in a trash can. Cars will be allowed back on at 1pm, so we need to make sure all bicycle riders are aware of this and are off the road at noon.

Questions? Email Malia at or call (808) 735-5756. Mahalo!

Show volunteers

What and when
Street Marking & Flow Initiators + Bicycling Ambassadors
June 14 (Sun), 5-7am
Erron R., Greg Y., Kent Y., Nathaniel P.,
Bicycling Ambassadors
June 14 (Sun), 7-9am
Emily Q., Emily Q., Tony J., Christopher T.,
Bicycling Ambassadors
June 14 (Sun), 9-11am
Tony J., Emily Q., Kristen D., Dottie S.,
Bicycling Ambassadors + Marking Remover & People Mover
June 14 (Sun), 11am-1pm
Albert aka Keif A., patricia j., Nathaniel P., Eric M.,
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