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Join the Clark Fork Coalition and the City of Missoula to give back to the river!

On Thursday, Sept. 16th, between 3:30 and 6:30. We'll work to reestablish crucial riparian buffers along the urban trail network of the Clark Fork.

In Missoula, decades of work to improve the health and water quality of the Clark Fork have turned our once-neglected urban river corridor into a recreation hotspot. Missoula’s system of riverfront parks and trails were never designed to accommodate river access, contributing to a network of informal user trails resulting in riparian degradation and bank erosion. Over 5 years ago the Clark Fork Coalition, the City on Missoula, and WQD began to develop a conceptual plan and strategies for restoration and access improvements in the urban river corridor to ​ensure that Missoulians and visitors don’t end up loving the river to death

This project, located by the John Toole native prairie, relocated and widened the existing trails, established gravel shoulders to accommodate increased use and prevent parallel user trails, and helps drive recreationists to established river access points.

We hope you come and join the effort to make Missoula's urban trails recreation and river friendly!

Please contact our Volunteer River Corps with questions or comments: volunteer@clarkfork.org

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What and when
Riparain bank planting
Thursday, Sept. 16th, 3:30-6:30
Jack, Anna, Loren, steve, Bill, Stacy, Katy, Sabrina,
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