2020 Year 12 Valedictory Morning Tea Helpers - Tennyson Grounds Thursday 19 November signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Calling the 'Terrace Family' to come out and show your support for your seniors 2020. Due to COVID19 they cannot have a Valedictory function. You can help them make this a day to remember by volunteering to help with morning tea. We would love to give back to these families who have given so much to our school and 'Terrace Family". 'Be the One'

Show volunteers

What and when
Setup and Serve Morning Tea at Tennyson Grounds
8.15 - 10.30
Andrew, Victoria, Libby, Sam, Megan, John, Linda, Therese, Rachel, Dee, Morena, Carol, Ida, Kerry, Casey, Susan, Bernadette, Anna, Nicole, Louise, Therese, Melanie, Sasha, Julie-Anne, Sarah, Gabrielle, Sara,
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