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Wine on the River Memphis 2023 signup sheet

The 8th Annual Wine on the River will be held at Tom Lee Park. The event will be held on Saturday, October 7th from 5pm to 9pm. A portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit local charity Doors of Hope.

We are looking for volunteers to help with ticketing and to monitor our entrances, pour (must be 21+), and runners to help bring ice around to vendors, help empty the dump buckets, give breaks, etc. You will be sent a confirmation email to be a volunteer along with all event information a week before the event!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thanks so much! We couldn't do this without all your help!

Must have a valid photo ID for check-in
MUST BE 21+.

To sign up, select a row below

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ENTRANCE: Help scan in tickets, monitor entrances, put on wristbands, hand out glasses, etc.
Show 16 names Shalonda A., Robin W., Deidre C., Anecia W., Michelle L., Lakeisha A., Ayesha T., Rosalyn D., Derwin M., Charmion G., Charlotte M., Cheryl R., James W., Kenika C., Lakeesha L., Zaria W.,
RUNNERS: Bring ice around to vendors, help empty the dump buckets, give breaks, etc.
Show 8 names Genna W., Quartus C., Jermell G., M G., Marquez M., Christopher W., Rodell J., Christian M.,
BEVERAGE POURERS: Help pour beverage samples, empty dump buckets, clean up, etc. MUST BE 21 OR OLDER!
Show 122 names Kristie C., Shunte T., Michael T., Claire B., Katie B., Joseph B., Penny C., Courtney C., Sondra H., Maya N., Aleasheia S., Latonya G., Betry G., Mona M., JAVONIA S., Mildred S., Faith P., Sharron D., Alexis H., Michelle L., Jacka J., Kristy L., Ti H., Dominique C., Nina S., Charlotte M., Raven F., Alexis H., Regina C., Vernice S., Valerie H., Valerie H., Valerie H., Valerie H., Katrina M., Vicki H., Madelyn H., Kimberly J., Rhonda W., Girthie N., Xzavieera L., kenika c., Jessie M., Angela V., Stephanie W., Rasheeda W., Marzette W., Lance D., Traci D., L' Starsha C., Naketa W., Gerrel W., LaQuita W., Kim R., Scott R., Terrika H., Angelika G., Brianna G., Sharon W., Shantrail M., Derrick B., Latisha C., Kenyon C., Debbie G., Kerry W., Marketa R., Gina J., Latoya I., Carla R., Tamera G., Toni C., evelyne m., Myrtric H., Lester B., Nikki W., Donna N., Jesse M., Kayla N., Jerome J., Latarsha M., Valerie P., Yolanda A., Jacquelyn Y., Paula M., Regina G., Nicole B., Kimmy J., Latese L., Hannah S., Jacklin A., Debra L., Donna H., Danielle C., Tiffany W., Shawn C., Danita B., Stacey A., Amber B., Mary B., Precious G., Kaleena M., Dannielle D., Melissa R., Domonique W., ShawuNa M., Ursula l., Antoinette C., Sharon S., Stephenitra K., Lumbria W., Clara H., Brandy C., Mary J., Alisa O., Erika T., Iasia J., Dorothy E., Mary j., Jeritha M., Veda M., Jauvette P., Marcus P.,
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