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CBC Mission Auction Food Signup

Auction will be held on March 18th from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. These items are needed in the kitchen. Non-perishable items can be dropped off starting March 12th, in the boxes at the lateral files past the mailboxes, or at the main kitchen on Friday, March 18th. Perishable items should be dropped off on Friday, March 17th, in the main kitchen next to the MPR between 8:00a.m.-8:00p.m.

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Beef Hot Dogs (2 doz.)
Show 10 names Stephanie M., Joyce S., Debra D., James S., James S., Rebecca M., Rebecca M., Stephanie M., Cindy M., Nicole G.,
Hot Dog Rolls (2 doz.)
Show 10 names Stephanie M., Cindy M., Joyce S., Debra D., Mary Ann S., Mary Ann S., Julie H., James S., James S., Fred F.,
Sauerkraut (can or bag)
Stephanie, Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Stephanie,
Hamburger BBQ (5lb.)
Linda, Linda, Sandy, Sandy, Sandy,
Hamburger Rolls (2 doz.)
Show 10 names Stephanie M., Mary Ann S., Joyce S., Sandy B., Debra D., Fred F., Joyce K., Joyce K., Karen V., Tanya B.,
Taco Meat (5lb.) cooked and seasoned
Deanna, Tammy, marilyn, marilyn, Pamela,
Salsa (1-24oz. jar) medium/mild
Robin, Robin, Robin, Joyce, Joyce,
Sour Cream (2-16 oz.)
Bonnie, Deanna, Jennifer, Jennifer,
Lettuce (2 heads) shredded
Deanna, Linda, Pamela, Jim & Marian, Deanna,
Mild Cheddar Cheese (2lb.) shredded
Janeice, Janeice, Bonnie, Tanya, Tanya, Tanya,
Dorito Chips nacho flavor (1 oz. bag) Box of 50 from Costco/BJs
Stephanie, Linda, Debra,
Cookies - name of kind (1 batch w/2-3 per baggie)
Show 10 names Claudia P., Claudia - Chocolate Chip P., Jessica gluten free chocolate chip W., Jessica gluten free peanut butter W., Jessica gluten free oatmeal scotchies W., Tanya B., Suzy B., Marilyn G., Ruth G., Deanna M.,
Brownies (1 batch) individually wrapped
Kristen, Ruth, Julie,
Rice Krispy Treats (1 batch) individually wrapped
Nicole, Nicole, Marley, Pamela,
Pie (1)
Show 8 names Julia M., Julia M., Julia M., Julia M., Julia M., Julia M., Julia M., Julia M.,
Other Finger Snacks - please label & wrap individaully or snack bags
Joyce, Joyce,
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