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Learn how to dig into a screenplay and mine the gold necessary to have an audition that stands out. Lead by actor Peter Story, the workshop explores options on how to get a foot in the TV/Film/Webisode world. This workshop will involve real “sides” from Hollywood auditions and participants will experience mock auditions providing a glimpse into what the professional acting life is like. Hosted by the Department of Theatre and Dance, the workshop is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 26 beginning at 3 pm in Wyatt Pavilion Theatre B. Space is limited.

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On-Camera Audition Workshop
Friday Oct. 26, 3-6pm
Show 20 names Ryan G., Mira M., Stephanie N., Ben C., Franchesca F., Tristan A., Myah D., Sasha C., Elizabeth H., Olivia C., Amber Z., Brandon T., naveen b., Kris C., Yishan H., Katie S., Charlie L., Monserrat R., Anna Rita M., Simon S.,
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