Monday, March 23, District 45 Breakfast & Lunch Delivery signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Thank you for registering to volunteer for breakfast & lunch delivery to School District 45 students. If you are bring a child five years of age or older with you, you will not need to put their name down on this form. Please only use the form to record the names of adult volunteers.

When you arrive, please report to the main entrance doors located off of the east parking lot at Jackson Middle School located at 301 Jackson, Villa Park, IL 60181. You will be greeted by a volunteer captain who will check you in and also have you complete a volunteer waiver form as well as make a name badge. You will then proceed to the gymnasium where you will be given further instructions. Please be mindful of social distancing recommendations and spread out in this space.

Once our briefing is completed, volunteers will board the buses waiting for us. There is to be no more than two adult volunteers per bus. As you board the bus, please get to know the other volunteer and the bus driver. Please also become familiar with where your milk, food and checklists are at on the bus. As you begin to make your route, you will want to become familiar with the check sheet. Please mark off the number of children you provide meals to. Meals may be given to adults for their children at home.

At the bus stop, children (or parents) will come up to the bus doorway to receive the food. For your safety and to keep things expedited, please do not leave the bus. Meals may be given to parents. Please be sure to wear gloves at all times when delivering food.

As you return from your route, please help remove any debris from the bus. Checklists are to be given to the designated person. You may keep your name tag for a future shift or you are welcome to dispose of it.

Please note, all Volunteers are to be at least 16 years of age and free of fever, rashes, and communicable diseases. If you have or suspect that you have been exposed to COVID-19, we thank you for your desire to support, but we ask that you please stay home and take care of your health. Volunteers may bring their children five years and older with them for this activity. Children must be healthy, free of fever, rash, communicable diseases, and not have or been exposed to COVID-19.

Please know that we expect things to run smoothly, but we know that there may be hiccups as we get our routine down. If you have any questions, please see your volunteer captain or you may email prior to your volunteer shift.

We greatly appreciate your generous donation of time and support.

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What and when
Breakfast Distribution
Monday, March 23, 2020 8:15am-10:15am
Show 45 names Stephanie B., Lisa K., hana m., Edith R., Lauren W., Jen K., Brenda S., Ashleigh P., Leslie H., Jennifer H., Carolyn N., Destiny V., Carolyn K., rich k., Maureen B., Melanie M., Cole M., Jackie G., Gerrik G., Judy D., Ruth T., Louise B., Rachael K., Hannah K., Chloe K., Mike K., JR G., Dawn C., Lynn D., courtney D., Kimberly C., Kelly H., Jennifef T., Geoff G., Tania R., Samantha K., Kari H., Dorothy P., Katie R., Cyndi E., Doug G., Judy G., Megan T., Kathleen A., Tamara J.,
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