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2023 Corn Roaster Core Team signup sheet

We are looking for a group of men that will be part of the "Core" team for the Corn Roaster. This group will know the ins and outs of the roaster so we have a core group to pull from for upcoming events. Think of this like our Basset Certified group. This DOES NOT mean you are volunteering for all events but this is just so that we have a large number of men that know how to operate the Roaster.

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Corn Roaster Core Team Member
Show 30 names Bill B., Dennis H., Mark D., Rick S., Paul L., Jerry O., Carl H., Jeremy H., Robert N., John K., Steven A., Nicholas H., Brad L., Dan R., Sam C., Glenn G., Ted M., Mike S., Greg S., Brian H., Tim d., Tim T., Elvis S., Phil W., Rajib R., Chris M., Mike S., MIKE H., Mike S., Chris C.,
Corn Roaster Core Team Member with Vehicle
Core Team Member with Vehicle that has a hitch
Don W., Phillip R., Tom K., Rick S., Phil W., Chris M., Anthony G., Mike R.,
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