2016 Greater Baltimore Urban League's Saturday Leadership Program (SLP) signup sheet

The Greater Baltimore Urban League's Saturday Leadership Program (SLP) serves 8-12th grade students from underserved communities throughout Baltimore. Now in its third year, the program takes place at local colleges and universities to introduce students to these institutions of higher education. SLP participants have opportunities to build upon their strengths and passions. Despite certain personal challenges, they will learn that a degree is attainable and important on a path to success. SLP participants attend middle and high schools throughout the Baltimore region.

On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, approximately 80 students (8th-12th graders) will visit UMBC. The theme is “Importance of Self Care as a Leader: Emotional Well being." This visit is co-sponsored by the Meyerhoff Scholars Program, UMBC’s Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, and The Shriver Center.

We are currently recruiting UMBC students during lunch in True Grit’s (11:15am-12:30 pm), to allow SLP participants to connect with UMBC students on the day's topic of emotional well being, and/or learn more about respective college experiences, as well as navigate all of the food options in True Grit's.

For more information on the Greater Baltimore Urban League and SLP, go to http://www.gbul.org/saturday-leadership-program.html

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Lunch - True Grit's
tamarra, Johanna, Michaela, Jaelyn, Sarah, Lola, Zaki, Ramses, Caroline, Salar, meheret, Jeremy, Bridget, Katherine, Ricardo, Christopher, Milan, Michael, Cierra, Afia, Jasir, Arnita, Lori,
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