Special Needs Family Fun Day 2019 signup sheet

Saturday, October 12, 2019
We invite you to participate in our annual "Special Needs Family Fun Day." It is an exciting event that has entertained thousands of individuals with special needs and their families since its inception in 2001. This event will entertain well over 300 individuals and their families this year.

We, along with our friends and volunteers, work hard to ensure that all of the wants and needs of the special individuals are met. We hope that you will see the effort that everyone gives to make the event enjoyable for all.

All the volunteers and contributors know that by the end of the day, well over a hundred individuals will go home knowing that they are normal; all the volunteers and contributors will also know that they helped us realize a dream to help make the most for those community members who have the least.

We invite you to become part of this wonderful event, and to help keep the dream alive.
Contact Info & Location:
3674 Hughes Gasque Rd., Aynor, SC 29511
Email: specialneedsfamilyfunday@gmail.com
Phone: 843-602-8555

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Buddies - escort & assist families with special needs individuals
Oct 12th @ 9am-3pm
Chris, Chris, Cathy, Nayana, Amanda, Jacelyn, Wade, Pam, Veedis, Toni, Veedis,
Set Up
Oct 12th @ 8am
Destiny, Barb, Mike, Mike, Jolene, Jelani,
Stations - games, crafts, & rides
Oct 12th @ 9am-3pm
Show 25 names Chris Y., Lavonne G., Destiny A., Dean C., Beth C., Brandy C., Madison C., Makayla C., Tara S., Dana B., Paul D., Colby D., Carisa F., Rodney F., Gage F., Dawson F., Isabel F., Jennifer F., Zade B., Chase F., Catilyn R., Mike R., Semyra B., simone s., Semyra B.,
Food & Drink - prep & serving food
Oct 12th @ 9am-3pm
Show 25 names Chris Y., Phyllis R., Rachel C., Mindy H., Gavin H., Peyton H., Penny E., Becky H., Gavin H., Peyton H., Olivia H., Barb S., Jolene R., Allen J., Allen J., Jimmy M., Tyler M., David L., Jonathon J., Fred H., Deasia B., Sherry D., Melissa H., Hannah H., Hannah F.,
Break Down
Oct 12th @ 3pm
Destiny, Barb, Mike, Jolene, Mike,
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