2022 MBA Fall Rendezvous - Missoula signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Volunteer sign up sheet for our annual fall brewfest. Volunteers get free entry to the event and a volunteer T. Those working shifts during the brewfest will be given breaks to wander around and enjoy the event.

Show volunteers

What and when
Pass out flyers at the Farmers Market
Saturday, October 1 (10am-1pm)
Kira A., Jamaal A.,
Set up day of the brewfest
Saturday, October 1 (11am - 3pm)
Lisa S., Jerry S., Justina P., Kristina R.,
Help at merchandise table
Saturday, October 1 (2:30-8pm)
Shyanne W., Jessica B.,
Pour beer
Saturday, October 1 (2:30-8pm)
Haleigh T., Duran C., Linda K., Jim K., Julie M., Dan M., Randy S., Jessica G., David K., Michelle C., Barbian J., meg r., Russ T., Travis M., Emily B., Tina C., Jerrod C.,
Gate attendant
Saturday, October 1 (2:15-8pm)
Matt C., Elena B., Angela G., Nevin G., tammy o., David O.,
Clean up after the brewfest
Saturday, October 1 (8-9 pm)
Darren B., Haleigh T., Duran C.,
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