Ashland Light Up the Tracks signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Help illuminate the holiday season when you volunteer for a Light Up the Tracks team! We need friendly volunteers aged 14 and older. Teams include...

*Celebration Team to help organize and host live performances on Saturday, November 18.

*Market Team assists with planning and hosting the Ashland Christmas Market throughout downtown on Saturday, December 2.

[Please note: email accounts do not accept communication from our server. Please use an alternate email address to sign-up below. We are forced to remove volunteers who list a school email, because we cannot communicate with them.]

Show volunteers

What and when
Ashland Christmas Market - Setup Crew & Greeter
Saturday, December 2, 10am-2pm
Luke W., Ashley W., Christine H., Tom M., Pam S., Kathy E., Stephanie M., yarely p., Ashley S., Caylie K., Ryan P., Caleb J., Layla G., Savannah J., Oliver N.,
Ashland Christmas Market - Greeter & Cleanup Crew
Saturday, December 2, 1pm-5pm
BJ Z., Annette S., Steve T., Dave K., Kathy E., allison s., Lydia O., yarely p., Giovanna M., Rebecca F., Anya S., Ann Marie K., Pem K., Paul B.,
Light Up the Tracks Celebration - Sound System Setup
Saturday, November 18, 9-10am
Lynsie B., Kathy E.,
Light Up the Tracks Celebration - Backstage
Saturday November 18, 4pm-7pm
Luke W., Christine H., Annette S., Kathy E.,
Light Up the Tracks Celebration - Greeters
Saturday November 18, 4pm-7pm
Show 14 names Sherry F., Ashley W., Jerry F., Pamela S., Steve T., BJ Z., Deborah L., Carolyn M., Ann Marie K., Rachel L., Samantha C., Seren M., Carter W., yarely p.,
Light Up the Tracks Celebration - Sound System Cleanup
Saturday, November 18, 7-8pm
Kathy E., yarely p.,
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