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Encourage-A-Legislator Volunteers signup sheet

EAL is a program of encouragement and prayer for our Virginia legislators while the General Assembly is in session. It involves sending a postcard every week for 6 weeks and praying daily for a legislator. Postcards are provided. After you sign up, you will get an email from our coordinator, Janet Stasulli.

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Joanne H., Joanne H., Janet R., Beth D., April D., Carole D., Mary D., Mary Ann E., Patsy W., Robyn L., Veronica S., Cathy T., Cathy T., Barbara S., Barbara S., Carolyn H., Carolyn H., LaChanda S., Ruth G., Ruth G., Bonnie F., Rose N., Rose N., Sally J., Sally J., Sarah R., Sarah R., Marilyn S., Marilyn S., Liza B., Liza B., Pam W., Pam W., Kristi C., Kristi C., Kristi C., Lorraine M., Lorraine M., Lorraine M., Debbie S., Debbie S., Debbie S., Toni D., Toni D., Toni D., Valeria M., Robyn L., Bonnie F., Phyllis A., Kim W., Sarah F., Wendy M., Holly R., Patricia S., Susan B., Stacey G., Mary M., Mary N., Tomasina S., Nancy R., Barbara H., Margie J., Jean T., Nicolee H.,
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