Volunteer Candy Hotspot signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Church! We need you to sign up to be part of the Parade to give candy and show love to our community in our upcoming event called Candy Hot Spot. We are again headed outside the walls of the church to reach families in our community; “Candy Hotspot” will be October 23th. The event will be a like a reversed Trunk or Treat. We will invite families to host a “Candy Hotspot” in their front yard, than we “the Church” will come all dressed up and hand candy to kids at each spot. We need the Church to donate; small toys, glow sticks, and LOTS of candy. All candy needs to be collected by Oct. 17th. Please bring all donations to the yellow container at the church. Please contact Shannon Teague @ steague@fcchh.org for any Questions.

Thanks you,
First Christian Church

Show volunteers

What and when
Volunteer to dress up and hand out Candy on Oct. 24th
Oct. 23 3:00-7:00
Joyce, Terry, shannon, Samuel, Talley, Sarah, Lauren,
Volunteer to deliver invites and signs to Homes of Host
Oct. 11th Any time
Shannon, Sarah,
Volunteer to help sort Candy
Oct. 21 5pm-6pm
Shannon, Joyce, Terry, Ashley, Sarah,
bringing Candy to the church
anytime until Oct. 17th
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