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Bissell Centre Lunch signup sheet

Please join us and help make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people in need in our Edmonton Community. The lunch is served out of Bissell Centre West, and your work brings food to many folks at a time when they have fewer options. Please sign up below.

Drop off location:
Beth Israel Synagogue or Talmud Torah School
by Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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One dozen juice boxes (pure juice is best)
Show 17 names Riva S., Riva S., Riva S., Riva S., Riva S., Riva S., Riva S., Jennifer P., Carolina G., Mira C., Mira C., Mira C., Nomi S., Nomi S., Lisa D., Shelley B., Shelley V.,
One dozen factory-wrapped muffins OR a breakfast bars OR protein bars (NOT small granola bar)
Show 8 names Barbara M., Darlene Bushewsky B., Connie Z., Marilyn G., Aiyana V., Wendy Q., Amitai H., Darlene B.,
One dozen packs of peanut butter and crackers OR cheese and crackers OR tuna and crackers OR chicken and crackers (tuna and crackers “kits” can be found at Walmart or Superstore)
Show 17 names Barbara M., Barbara M., Louise L., Louise L., Darin J., Michael S., Riva S., Howard S., Craig S., Dean S., Riva S., Howard S., Howard S., Caitlyn S., Caitlyn S., Caitlyn S., Caitlyn S.,
One dozen cheese strings OR individually wrapped pieces of cheese
Show 17 names Jason H., Cheryl G., Cheryl G., Cheryl G., Cheryl G., Mira C., Mira C., Mira C., Lisa D., Lisa D., Aiyana V., Cheryl G., Wendy Q., Tamara Collier C., Cheryl G., Cheryl G., Cheryl G.,
One dozen regular size bags of chips, Doritos or Cheezies (usually ~28 g)
Show 9 names Meirav O., Meirav O., Denise W., Denise W., Denise W., Carolina G., Gila C., Aiyana V., Amitai H.,
One dozen water bottles
Yana S., Meirav O.,
1 large can of coffee grounds
Jason H., Howard S.,
Packaging help (Nov 2nd, 5-8pm at Beth Israel Synagogue)
Anna Z., Yana S., Li-El S., Freya W.,
Pick up from BI and delivery to Bissell Centre (Nov 13th, 7:30am at Beth Israel Synagogue)
Rebecca A., Barbara M., Tatiana K., Rebecca S.,
Meet at Bissell Centre and assist with coffee and lunch (Nov 13th, 9am -11am)
Yana S., Natalie S., Marlee S., Sara M.,
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